The secret to cleaner skin

Totally transform your skin & freshen up your skin routine with a double cleanse!

Why Double Cleanse ?

Clean skin is the foundation to healthy skin. Why? Because our skin is an organ of elimination, it excretes toxins onto the surface which need to be cleansed away before they contribute to skin issues such as blackheads, breakouts, and sensitivity. We also apply makeup and sunscreens and are exposed to pollution, which should be thoroughly removed so as not to congest the skin.

Dependent on our inherent skin type, we all produce differing levels of skin oils or sebum. This can cause dirt and pollution to stick to the surface and clog up our pores. Clean skin functions more efficiently, experiences fewer skin concerns and can also absorb treatment products better.

For your cleanest skin yet, we recommend the Dermalogica Double Cleanse that starts with an oil-based cleanser to cut through oily debris such as makeup, sunscreen and pollutants. Follow with your skin specific cleanser to address concerns like breakouts, sensitivity and dryness.

All Dermalogica cleansers are acid balanced to your skin pH (between 4 and 6 on the pH scale). They will not strip your skin and are water soluble, so they simply rinse away.

There is a wide selection of cleansers on our website or can purchase in the salon, you can also book in for a Free Face Mapping which will go through all your skin concerns and have recommended treatment plans and homecare products.

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