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Skin Boosters.

What are skin boosters?

Skin boosters are the current, most popular, injectable skin remodelling treatments. They contain a high concentration of non- cross linked hyaluronic acid with amino acids. When injected into the skin, skin boosters stimulate the skin receptors to generate collagen and elastin. This, in turn, improves skin laxity and and restores firmness and texture of the skin. 

Skin boosters are not a replacement for fillers and Wrinkle relaxing treatments and can be used in combination with these or as a stand-alone treatment.

Treatment is dependant on a prior consultation to ensure safety and suitability.

What do skin boosters do?

Boosts and hydrates the skin.

Remodels sagging/ageing skin.

Increased radiance.

Evens skin tone.

Sunekos is specifically recognised for its ability to rejuvenate the under-eye area and minimise dark circles.

Where can they be used?



Chest area



Inner arms


Skin boosters are injected into the skin in a specific pattern depending on the area to be treated.

Profhilo– Two treatments are required, 4 weeks apart. The first to stimulate, the second to ‘boost’ and ensure longevity. In some cases and depending on your initial skin quality, you may benefit from a third treatment, typically 8 weeks from your second treatment.

Sunekos– 3-4 treatments are required initially 7-10 days apart (dependant upon individual needs). 

Treatment usually lasts around 6 months. A single top up treatment is advised every 6 months. 



£350 for initial treatment (two sessions)

£170 per top-up treatment (six monthly)

**Introductory/ model offer- £300 for first two treatments**

 offer eligible until January 1st 2022

£50 non refundable deposit required


£400 for initial facial treatments (4 sessions)

£250 for initial under eye treatment(3 sessions)

£130 per top-up treatment (6-8 monthly)

**introductory/model offer- £200 for 3 sessions of under eye treatments**

 offer eligible until January 1st 2022

£50 non refundable deposit required

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