Do Lash Extensions ruin your lashes?

In a nutshell NO! But this is as long as they are applied professionally & correctly.

Any form of semi permanent lash (Classic/Hybrid/Russian) are applied individually to an individual lash, so your lash technician will carefully isolate each & every natural lash in prep for the application of the lash extension/s. Sounds easy but it is a delicate technique, that takes lots of patience & practice. We pride ourselves on natural lash health, so here at Ruby Jo’s isolation is one thing we would never cut corners on! With the above mentioned lashes an extension/multiple extensions are applied to each & every (90-100%) of your natural lashes. With this in mind your extension/s will shed as your natural lash is ready to shed… SIMPLES, however this takes lots of time, so expect to be on the bed for 1.5-2.5hrs… Consider poor isolation will have a detrimental effect on your natural lashes, if you see a full set being advertised for less than £40 and being done in an hour – please AVOID!

Another thing we consider here is the lash selection for your natural lash, we would never apply a lash extension that is too thick or heavy for your natural lash as this may cause your natural lash to shed prematurely. Luckily natural lashes are in right now so a subtle lash extension is perfect for most natural lashes anyway. When selecting your lash selection, we consider your desired look as well as your natural lash length, thickness & curl!

So what about other lash techniques? We only offer express lashes now as an alternative to semi-permanent lashes (we used to offer party lashes but they wasn’t really our style!) Express lashes are for short-term wear only, as no isolation occurs during application. A single lash is applied to a few natural lashes at a time, then a professional removal is included after 2-3 weeks. The professional removal is the important bit, as this will free your lashes & allow them to shed naturally! Wearing express lashes for long periods or infilling them will cause damage to your natural lashes as your lashes will be pulled out when shedding – with other lashes attached to them (hope this makes sense!) Express are great for short term wear, for holidays or an event/festive times or if you do not want to commit to infills etc.

What about the science? It’s nice to understand a little more about how our body works & that goes for our lashes too! Each & every hair on our head encounter a hair growth cycle – where the hair is actively growing (anagen), growing away from the blood supply (catagen) & resting/waiting to shed (telogen). 60-70% of our lashes are in their resting stage & waiting to shed & this stage can take anything from 3-6 weeks to happen. You can expect to loose 2-6 per day! The good news is that there is another lash ready & waiting underneath, hence we never have a gappy natural lashes. The other 30-40% of lashes are in changing phase & are growing up the hair follicle, so these are the hairs that we tease out at the start of an infill procedure.. interesting right..

Consider that if you have any damage to your natural lashes that they should take 3-6 weeks to recover (sometimes longer), by this time your lashes will of encountered a full lash cycle!

Hope You enjoyed our lash blog!

See You on the bed.. Jo xx

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